The Other Side of Social Networking…

Hey gang!

Thanks for reading our blog here at BodyPoint Medicine.  We love to hear your opinions, and now I am going to ask you all point blank for them!

BodyPoint Medicine has endeavored to establish and maintain an online venue for our patients to better connect with us.  We like to offer engaging information, promotions, uplifting anecdotes, and local news to those who seek out our online presence.  If you haven’t found all of our hang outs online, I would like to present them to you:



Google Page

Go ahead, explore a little.  I myself am enormously entertained by sustaining these sites with little tidbits of information, but honestly, that is not why they exist.

These sites exist for YOU. We want to keep the avenues of communication open between patient and provider. We love receiving feedback from our patients, and we love implementing that counsel into our business practices.  We want to motivate you, we want to teach you, we want to push you to be better.

Can you do the same for us?  Both our Facebook and Google+ pages have an option to leave reviews.  On Google+, you simply need to click on the pencil on the left side of our cover photo to leave a review.  On Facebook, all you need to do is click the button Write a Review on the right side, and Voila!

Once again, I just want to thank all of you for ALL the feedback you have given us since we started this venture this spring, whether in person or online.  You guys made this practice happen as much as we did!

Keep coming back, soon I will be posting our August Special!

Thank you,

Carolyn Wrightam
Business Manager

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