BodyPoint Medicine provides integrated specialty medical care.   From caring for patients for more than 35 years as well my personal experience with chronic pain, I have found a combination approach is the most successful.   Every patient is unique and the key is finding the combination that works for that patient, not only their conditions but also their lifestyle.

Services Provided:

Acute and Chronic Pain Management– focused on using non-narcotic treatment modalities to provide relief of pain and improvement in function.  Treatment modalities include initial consultation, followed by a treatment plan which may include medical acupuncture, traditional pharmaceuticals, supplements, dry needling technique, injection treatments, massage therapy, nutritional/lifestyle counseling and cold laser therapy.   There are times when referral to another specialist is indicated and I will work with you through that process.

Functional Medicine:  Functional or lifestyle medicine is a complementary approach to medicine which looks at the complex interactions between our genetics, our lifestyle and our environment.  Subtle genetic differences exist in all people and we are finding them as genetic testing has become more readily available.   The foods we eat or don’t eat can have a profound effect on how our body functions, as food provides not only the energy, the nutrients that are needed throughout our body processes.  It is not only about what we eat but more importantly, what we absorb.  Functional medicine approaches look at how well we absorb nutrients and to ensure that we have an adequate supply in our body for normal physiological functioning. We are continuously being exposed to pollutants and toxins in our air, water and soil.  Our body’s ability to detoxify and clear those toxins in a safe manner, will also have a dramatic effect on function and the possibility to develop disease. 

Functional medicine looks at the complex interactions between our genetics (what we can’t change), and the non-genetic factors including diet, environmental toxin exposure and movement (things we can change) to improve our health.  Health includes our physical, mental and social well-being and not just the lack of illness or disease. 

Extensive family history, personal lifestyle and medical history is gathered, followed by appropriate testing, to create a plan.  There is significant emphasis placed on improving a patient’s diet using personalized diet plans, support in making lifestyle changes to help modify stress and encourage movement.  Food is viewed as medicine.  Functional Medicine physicians consider lifestyle, nutrition, detoxification, movement, hormone balance and stress management, then partner with each patient individually as part of their team to create positive changes in their lives. 

Functional medicine works in a complementary way with your current health care provider.  I serve as a consultant and not a replacement for your primary care physician.