Donna F. Mitchell, MD

Dr. Donna Fleitz Mitchell is a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist and has been providing anesthesia care, acute and chronic pain management for the last 30 years.  Dr. Mitchell holds a BA degree in Biology and a MD degree, both from the University of Louisville.  She received a MBA from Auburn University.  She has also served on the University of Louisville faculty where she taught in the residency program.  Dr. Mitchell received her acupuncture training through the Biomedical Acupuncture Institute with extensive mentoring from Yun-Tao Ma, PhD and advanced study in Beijing, China at the International School of Acupuncture and Moxabustion.   She has been providing integrated medicine to patients with acute and chronic pain conditions since 2005.   With education in traditional medicine and integrated techniques, she believes that the best approach is create treatment approach which best suits the patient and the condition.   As a person who suffers from a chronic pain condition, she is always researching and learning about new treatments and therapies. Over the last several years, she has found that nutrition is a very important key to decreasing pain as well as improving quality of life.  In 2017, she completed her Certification in Nutrition for Pain Management .  She continued her education, completing the necessary education and  written examination to become a Certified Practitioner in Functional Medicine in 2019.   She feels that incorporating healthy eating, lifestyle choices and exercise are very important for long term health and well-being.

She started exercising to get in shape after having children, so she is familiar with the challenges of work and fitting in exercise.  Learning to swim and completing her first Ironman at age 51, she is well aware of the special challenges placed on aging body parts.   She is a Three-Time Ironman finisher, marathoner and an avid skier and cyclist, providing her with a unique understanding of an athlete’s injuries and training requirements.  Dr. Mitchell is married with four children and resides in Niwot.

Personal Motto: “When you rest, your rust.”

Meet Anika, Dr. Mitchell’s Assistant:

Anika  is my German Shepherd, who you may meet at the office. She has been coming to work with me since 10 weeks of age. Anika spends her time being a playing, learning obedience and is training to become a Search and Rescue dog. My husband Doug and myself are Field Members with Front Range Rescue & Rescue Dogs.   Anika and I are working towards certification (Dog Handler and Search & Rescue Dog).