BodyPoint Medicine provides integrated traditional and alternative medical care.   From caring for patients for more than 35 years as well my personal experience with chronic pain, I have found a combination approach is the most successful.   Every patient is different and the key is finding the combination that works for that patient, not only their conditions but also their lifestyle.

I have been using medically based acupuncture for the last 13 years to treat acute and chronic pain conditions. If indicated, I also add traditional pharmaceuticals, supplements, dry needling technique, injection treatments, massage therapy, and cold laser therapy.   There are times when referral to another specialist is indicated and I will work with you through that process.

Over the years, I have also become more aware of how our diets play into our general health but also play an important role in managing chronic pain conditions.   Our mothers were correct when they told us ‘we are what we eat’.   Dietary counseling, including when indicated allergy elimination diets, can prove to be very effective in reducing a patient’s pain but also improving their quality of life.  

It is important to realize that not all pain will completely resolve but with treatment it can be mitigated to improve your quality of life.   I especially enjoy working with people who want to make effective change in their lives, from improving their diet to starting an exercise program.

Donna Mitchell MD

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