BodyPoint Medicine provides integrated traditional and alternative medical care to improve the lives of people. Is acute or chronic pain affecting you way of life? Does it hamper your ability to do daily activities, take a walk, participate or compete in athletic events? Do you want to start an exercise or training program, but have chronic issues that stop you?

Moving is an important aspect of life. Pain takes that away from us.   It is depressive. It takes away the ability to enjoy our lives.

My experience as a medical physician combined with my additional training in acupuncture allows me to provide an integrated treatment approach for patients.   My goal is to improve a person’s pain to allow them to get moving and restore normal activity.

I also enjoy working with people who want to change their lifestyle, from improving their diet to starting an exercise program.

We strive to create an inviting, healing environment for our patients. Whether you are suffering from a chronic degenerative condition and looking for help mitigating your pain, or an athlete in training hoping to stay injury free, we can help.

From the moment you walk through our door, our goal is to

  • Treat you as the unique individual that you are
  • Create an integrated treatment plan
  • Coordinate your care
  • Strive to help you improve your quality of life

Donna Mitchell MD

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