Facial Rejuvenation, the Natural Face Lift

Rachelle Lambert LAc Facial Rejuvenation BodyPoint Medicine Longmont, CO Facial acupuncture treatments are scheduled for 90 minutes. Facial rejuvenation is a special technique of acupuncture that improves the appearance of the face. Blood circulation is increased, resulting in a reduced appearance of facial discolorations, scars, inflammation, and a healthier glow. Even one treatment will improve the appearance of your skin.


Facial acupuncture is also known as acupuncture face lifting. A Chinese facial massage will be performed first, so make sure to come in without make-up. With this technique, the needles are placed under the skin of the wrinkle, to stimulate collagen production underneath. Over the course of ten treatments the skin plumps up below the wrinkle, filling in the line. Muscle tone is increased, lifting the jaw and chin areas.


Ten treatments spaced one week apart are considered one “face lift”, and although results vary, many people experience skin smoothing results similar to Botox treatments. There is zero down time and you can do all normal activities immediately after a treatment. Bruising happens rarely, but sometimes cannot be avoided due to the large amount of micro-capillaries in your facial skin. Make sure to plan your ten treatments around any public events where bruising is undesired (weddings, performances, etc.) Results do vary as each of us has a different body and as a result a different process of collagen metabolism. The results last for an average of five years with maintenance.


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  1. I think it’s cool that the rejuvenation can be done without any sort of odd injections. Blood flow is natural, and acupuncture is an ages old treatment. I trust that it is safer than surgeries and medications.

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