Chinese Medicine in Your Diet

One part of Chinese medicine is diet therapy. You really are what you eat. All food has certain properties, and can cause a reaction in the body. For example, peppermint can reduce your body’s temperature. According to Chinese medicine, some foods are particular for calming the mind and nourishing your brain, helping you get a full night of restful sleep.

Rachelle Lambert LAc TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Lotus Root Diet Nutrition

The foods include:

  • Lotus Root (can be found at any Asian supermarket), Lotus Fruit and Seeds
  • Grapes
  • Longan Nuts (can be found at any Asian supermarket)
  • Dates
  • Licorice
  • Cooked Egg Yolk

15 longan nuts, 7 red dates, and 50 gm of rice in a saucepan. Add enough water till the level is 1 inch above the mixture. Boil until soft, and serve! You can add licorice if you want a sweeter flavor. Molasses makes a great sweetener as well, and has a property or nourishing the blood.

Have a peaceful day!

-Rachelle Lambert, L.Ac.”

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