A Letter to our Patients

NSS: A Non-Narcotic Alternative for Acute & Chronic Pain

Starting in December, I will be adding the use of NSS neurostimulators for patients with Chronic and Acute pain.   This technology has demonstrated significant effectiveness in the reduction of pain.   Original studies were performed with the Henry Jackson Foundation and the Department of Veteran’s Complementary and Integrative Pain Medicine.   It has been acknowledged as effective treatment for the reduction of daily pain and used to reduce opioid utilization.

The treatment has been effective in treating the pain associated with cancer, chronic musculoskeletal pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, neuralgia, arthralgia (joint pain: knee, hip, TMJ), low back pain, neck pain, diabetic and post-herpetic peripheral neuropathy, and pain from spinal disc disorders.

In the most recent study published which treated patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain, patients saw 65% improvement in their pain levels.

Patients are evaluated regarding meeting the treatable conditions and the absence of any contraindications for placement of the device.   The device is placed in my office for commercial insurance patient or at a surgery center for Medicare patients (requirement of Medicare).

The NSS neurostimulator is NOT implanted. There are 3 electrodes which are placed on a patient’s ear and attached to a small pulse generator which looks like a small hearing aide, and taped behind the patient’s ear.   The Neurostimulator provides stimulation on a two-hour cycle for the next 5 days. After 5 days, the device is removed.   Patients report that after the initial cycle, they do not notice or feel the pulsations.   There is a 2-day interval and the device is again placed on the patient.   This cycle is repeated for a total of 3 treatments.   Patients are then reassessed over a 3-week period. If pain reduction goals are not met, another cycle may be suggested.

If you or a friend/family member would like to be evaluated for this technology, please contact the office for an evaluation and more in-depth explanation of this technology.


Donna F. Mitchell

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  1. Wow this is so cool! I never heard of this therapy to help patients out of pain! Kudos to you! Thankyou for sharing and informing the public 🙂

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