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Common Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Points Used and Their Functions

Facial rejuvenation is a special technique of acupuncture that improves the appearance of the face. Blood and lymphatic circulation is increased, as well as enhancing nerve function, resulting in a reduced appearance of facial discolorations, scars, inflammation, even skin tone and moisture, and a healthier glow. Facial muscles are relaxed, and muscles become firmer and more tone. Even one treatment will improve the appearance of your skin.

Here are some common acupuncture points used with the facial rejuvenation technique. You have a chance to try these points out for your self during a complimentary skincare event, Friday October 2 starting at 5:30pm. Space is limited, we encourage you to call and RSVP your spot with BodyPoint Medicine.

Yin Tang (located in between the eyes, at the third eye)- supports lymphatic drainage, relaxes muscles between the eyes and lifts the forehead, calms the mind and spirit, detoxifies the local area of dark eye circles, eye bags, and eye puffiness

Du 20 (located at the top most point of the head)- lifting sagging of the face, strongly promotes Qi and energy movement, increases energy

San Jiao 17 (located behind and below the ears)- lifts sagging of the mandible area, promotes blood and lymphatic circulation of the face and neck, increases immune system function

Stomach 6 (located near the angle of the jaw)- lift sagging of the chin and neck, promotes circulation of lymph, blood, and Qi

Stomach 7 (located near the jaw socket)- lifting sagging of the face, including chin and neck, promotes qi and blood flow to the face, supports lymphatic drainage, reduce facial discolorations and dark or age spots

Stomach 8 (located the corners of the forehead, just within the hairline)- lifts forehead wrinkles and drooping of the eyelids, send energy down to the face, benefits the eyes